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GONE - Free to Good Home Two Manual and Pedal Reed Organ

 'UNIVERSITY ORGAN'. Manufacturer possibly Albert Wagstaff or A.J. Spencer
(see http://tardis.dl.ac.uk/FreeReed/organ_book/node14.html for the history)
with mains-powered exhauster, perhaps dating from the 1930s.



Diapason 8
(Dulciana 8') name-plate missing
Trombone 16'
Stopped Diapason 8' (but this is a spurious name-plate, probably Principal 4')
Forte I


(Great to Pedals) name-plate missing
Bourdon 16'
Sub Bass 16'


(oboe 8') name-plate missing
Voix Celeste 8'
Salicional 8'
Vox humana
Forte II
Flute 4'

Couplers left:

swell to great
sub octave gt.
super octave gt.

This instrument plays (and the exhauster functions) but clearly suffers from many years' neglect in a long-deserted church in Cardiff.
I can send half a dozen more photos to enquirers and a sound file of the instrument being played.
The building in the which the instrument sits is to be bulldozed in mid-April or possibly earlier.


Acquirer collects please! The organ is in a gallery and may have to be partially dismantled to get it down the stairs.

NEW For Sale Mason and Hamlin Reed Organ

Good home needed for Mason & Hamlin organ. Thought to be built circa late 1890s and known to have been in the same family most of the time since then - apart from some years on loan to local chapels/churches on Romney Marsh during the war and up until 1980s when it was returned/rescued to the family and lovingly restored.

The 12 stops are as follows (left to right):

Forte Dia.Mel.
Octave Coupler
Sub Base
1 Diapason
2 Viola
Viola Dolce
Vox Humana
2 Flute
1 Melodia
Voix Celeste
Forte Vio.Fl.Ser.

It is now living near Woking, Surrey and can be collected from there.

Asking price is £50 - going to a loving home or being part of a keyboard collection would be a fitting place for this lovely instrument.

Please contact Sue

NEW For Sale Two Manual Mustel Harmonium

Rare opportunity to purchase an unusual and high class instrument.

This instrument was once owned by Ralph Downes  and is mentioned in his autobiography. Restoration work was carried out by Cambridge Reed Organs and this included a complete overhaul of the winding and re-leathering. The case is in ebonised mahogany.

Photos available of restoration in progress.

Location: Worcester UK


Manual 1
Bourdon 16 (Bass)
Cor Anglais 8 (Bass)
Cor Anglais (Bass /percussion) 8
Bourdon 16 (Treble)
Cor Anglais 8 (Treble)
Cor Anglais 8 (Treble percussion)
Voix Celeste 8

Prolongement (Bass)

Manual 2
Cromorne 32
Contre Basson 16
Basson 8
Clairon 4
Harpe Eolienne 8

Forte Expressif
Grand Jeu
Forte fixe
Prolongement (Treble)

Knee-swell to both manuals
Accouplement des claviers

All offers and enquiries to  John  

For Sale Thomas Organ Company pump organ

Manufactured in Woodstock, Canada in 1892.
Serial No. 14212 and certificate of authenticity.
In good original working order.

Located in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire

All offers considered.  Please email Audrey.  

Many thanks.

For Sale Prince Melodeon

Antique reed organ, Prince & Co., No. 28,074, Improved Melodeon from mid to late 1800's still in original family.  
Beautiful mahogany wood finish in great condition but the top does need refinishing                                                           
and the organ mechanism needs new pedals. 
It measures approximately 30"wide by 17 1/2" deep by 29" high. 
Have seen similar organs for sale for double the price. 
Want loving home for it now or someone who wants a rebuild project.                                                                                   

Will consider reasonable offers around $900. Currently it is stored in Vista, CA.

Interested individuals should email Rustie:

Free to Good Home Harmonium 

 Small harmonium 102cm x 45cm x 75cm high.
Needs some attention but mostly in working order.
Reconditioned approx. 100 years ago for my mother to learn to play.

Collect please from address 10 miles north of Oxford,

Contact: Richard    

For Sale Taber Reed Organ 

Taber Organ and co Massachusetts, Worcester Mass USA
Seller: Archibald Ramadan ltd Leeds

Stop knobs are
left to right,
missing, probably Bass Coupler 
Sub bass 16
Diapason 8
Dulcet 8
Vox Humana
Echo 8
Melodia 8
Vox Celesta 8
Treble Coupler

Located at Stanley, Wakefield LS26 8HE

Offers please to Steve by email or on 07743225193

Free to Good Home Karn Reed Organ 

American Wind Organ by D. W. Karn & Co. No. 42728 built late 1890's.
Was working when I acquired it. Needs refurbishing (felts, leather and cleaning) but not in a bad condition.
It is now in bits (dismantled) but everything there! Can be returned to former glory by someone with the time and ability. 
Free to collector.  Located in Hailsham, East Sussex, UK

Contact Roger by email or phone 01323 845735

For Sale Cesarini & Cie Harmonium 

Full working order in good condition, is played.
A couple of stops missing front label pieces.
One stop doesn't seem to work, but seems like it would restore easily.                                                                    
Casework in good condition and pedals too.
Selling as we need the space that it occupies.
Would need to be collected - from Hertfordshire.
Contact me for more information or if interested.                                                                                                              
Price: £250 ono
Contact Susie for more information or if interested.

URGENT Free to Good Home Packard Fort Wayne Reed Organ 

In our family for 40 years but must now find new home.                                                                                                                     
2' 4" wide 2' deep 6' 7" high

Dismantles a bit for transport

15 stops, usual voices Inc vox humana, double voice etc..

Contact: Mary Walker     or phone 01488 658453

For Sale Alexandre Harmonium

Alexandre Harmonium, overhauled 1990, excellent sound including											 
splendid 16' Basson. Action needs a little attention,
everything else fine. . 

Buyer collects from Clerkenwell, London EC1.
All offers considered, needs to go ASAP.

Contact Andrew Jolliffe by email or phone 0033 6 43 32 14 80
For Sale George Woods and Co Reed Organ

George Woods & Co parlour organ - serial number 20555.
An unusual instrument made to look like an ancient chest.
Small enough to be portable, though not a folding organ.
Several similar ones in the Reed Organ Society database - click for link.
Thought to be two full sets of reeds, 8ft & 4ft.
Photos to follow soon.

Located in Merseyside, UK.

Serious offers to Cassandra.

GONE Karn Reed Parlor Organ

This is a lovely instrument complete with its original mirrored top. It has handles at each end to enable it to be carried. 

All the voices work well and the instrument has been well looked after.

Voices / stops are: Bass Coupler, Viola 4’, Diapason 8', Piano 8’, Diapason Forte, Vox Vibrante, Viola Forte, Dolce 8’, Principal 8’, Vox Angelica 8’, Treble Coupler.

The voices can also be activated using knee controls.

It was made by D W Karn of Woodstock, Canada at the turn of the 20th Century and purchased by my family at a country auction in Lincolnshire around 1980 when I brought it into good working order myself.

The instrument is in good condition although the varnish is a little worn in some places.

1.2 metres wide
0.6 metres deep
2 metres high (1.23 metres high without the mirrored top)

UPDATED Free to Good Home Reed Organ

F.L.Raymond, United States Piano & Organs Co. Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Reed Organ (Pump Organ)
with Style Number 620 and Serial Number 16645.

I don't know if it is working - it is an antique organ and nobody has used it for decades.
It has a very old Warranty Certificate signed by F.L.Raymond.

Name of the stops from left-to-right are :
Viola - Piano - Diapason Bass - Bass Coupler - Vox Humana - Forte - Treble Coupler - Diapason Treble - Dolce - Celeste

Located in Worcester, UK.


Contact Aimee
For Sale Bell Reed Organ
The organ in the pictures now needs to go to a good home as we are downsizing. 
It is in reasonable condition, but needs some attention.
Any offer considered.
The organ is in South East London.

Contact Leon

For Sale Mustel Harmonium
Serial number 205 with the signature of Victor Mustel on the reed chamber.                                                           

The stops go up to no: 7 in the treble and no 5 in the bass.
The burr walnut casing has just been restored leaving the bellows requiring some restoration.

Offers considered.

Located in Cork Ireland.
Contact Padraig

SOLD Mason & Hamlin Reed Organ
1870 Mason and Hamlin organ company  reed organ with serial number 3103114.   
An excellent top class instrument in excellent well cared for condition.
This is in excellent condition throughout and has had proper regular maintenance .
The stops are Forte 1 : Sub Base 16 : Diapason 8 : Viola 4 : Viola dolce : Tremulant :
Vox Celeste (2 ranks ) : Seraphone 8 : Melodia 8 : Octave Coupler : Forte 2

I am open to offers with a guide price of around £20 but a good home rather than money is more important.
I have taken this in on behalf of someone who has had to move into an old persons home.
I have only limited storage space so need to shift it asap.
I am located near Wisbech in Cambridgeshire.

For Sale Albert Wagstaff Reed Organ & Exhauster
 Albert Wagstaff Reed Organ circa 1930

Two manuals and Full Pedals

17 Stops

Light Oak

Great Organ has 3 ranks of reeds: Trombone, Dulciana/Diapason, and Principal.

Swell Organ has 3 ranks of reeds: Oboe, Salicional, and Flute. Vox Celeste is a combination of Oboe and Salicional.

Pedal Organ has one rank of reeds: Bourdon/Sub-Bass.

The organ has been in my possession since about 1963,
and was probably about 35 years old when I bought it.
The instrument is basically sound, but some attention will need to be given to the bellows,
and a number of pallets where spring adjustment is needed.

The instrument is currently located in Melton Mowbray.
The buyer must collect, and assist in dismantling and removal.

No reasonable offer refused for the organ.

I also have for sale a brand new exhauster intended for the instrument, but never used. It cost £350, and I would accept offers near to that.

Please contact Neville Richards
Free to Good Home John Holt Reed Organ
Two manuals and full pedal board.  8 ranks of reeds.  Serial number 1532.

Oboe 8' (derived?)
Flute 4'
Cornopean 8'
Lieblich Gedacht 8'

Principal 4'
Dulciana 8' (derived)
Open Diapason 8'
Hohl Flute 8'
Stopped Diapason 8'

Open Diapason 16'
Bourdon 16' (derived)
Swell Super
Swell Sub

Located near Liverpool.
Free to somebody who knows what they are doing, would like a project and is able to pick it up.
Needs a little work to put it into full playing order - pedal Open Diapason 16' when open is stuck for one note.
Also something has warped so that the higher keys of the Swell manual now stick.
It comes with 1960s BOB pump / exhauster that I bought from the museum in Saltaire.
Please contact Malcolm

Free to Good Home Bell Reed Organ
In need of restoration, it was made by Bell Organ & Piano Company, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 
It was passed on to my father from a relative. It was in good working order and played regularly
(my piano practice) until at least 1990, not sure when it actually stopped working
but the pedals are flat on the floor so might just be the pedal straps that have gone.
It is a nice piece of furniture but needs some TLC as it's a bit worn in places
and some of the decorative beading on the side is missing.
The lid has also had a piece break off and stuck on again,
but as it's in the top righthand corner it only shows when the lid is closed.

Stop List:
Diapason 8, Dulcet 8, Sub Bass 16, Bass Coupler, Vox Humana, Forte,
Treble Coupler, Echo 8, Celeste 8, Dulciana 8, Melodia 8

The organ is in Weston-super-Mare, N. Somerset, BS23.

Contact Mary

For Sale Debain Harmonium

This harmonium has been in a small Church near Bicester unused for well over 30 years.
We now have permission to sell it. Our Diocesan organ advisor believes it to be of good quality                                      
but in need of repair.

Any reasonable offer accepted.
Further photos available.
Enquiries to John Beaumont by email or 01869 277874.

For Sale Wilcox and White Roll Player

A rare example of the 19th century player organs built by Wilcox & White of                                
Meridian, CT, USA, during tha late 19th and early 20th centuries.
A very rare model, because the front windows are flat.
The instrument is encased in an elaborately finished mahogany cabinet and is
complete with a matching stool (which is even rarer to find) and a large
number (140) of paper player rolls.

Writing shown on the factory label indicates that the instrument was tuned      
on 7th of March, 1888, by a person with the initials “OWB”.

Transport from Madrid (Spain) is an issue, so price will be ex-works,
(insurance & transport excluded to be paid by buyer).

Also selling a Pleyel Grand Piano

Contact Jose M Nadal

Free to Good Home F L Raymond American Organ

All in one piece with carrying handles attached to the sides.
Woodwork is in good condition, some wear marks on top.

Left-hand bellows needs repair (we have instructions on how).

It has 10 stops - Bass Coupler, Diapason Bass, Piano, Viola, Vox Humana,
Forte, Celeste, Dolce, Diapason Treble, Treble Coupler

Buyer to collect, located in Edinburgh.

Contact; Sharon

Free to a Good Home  Marlborough Reed Organ

We have to find this beautiful instrument a new home very quickly

Marlborough harmonium/parlour organ  Date of manufacturer is unsure, 1900 approx.

It is all in one piece with carrying handles attached to the side                                                    
Timber is sound but the bellows needs repair. Currently not working.

It has 11 stops and the names are all still very clearly defined in Gothic script:
Sub Bass 16ft
Diapason Bass 8ft
Piano 8ft
Bass Coupler
Vox Humana
Forte (again?)
Treble Coupler
Echo 8ft
Diapason Treble 8ft
Vox Celeste 8ft

Some of the wooden finials at the top have been knocked off the top and poorly repaired at some point - but it is all complete.
I have put them back in place for the photo.  The 3 mirrors are all intact - no cracks. The poor thing needs some repairs and t.l.c.
We have it's key and a matching stool that is being treated for woodworm (and currently kept well away from the organ itself)

Original owners inscription in the timber above keyboard: John Andrewartha OBE 1866-1935.  We do know quite a bit of John Andrewartha's history:  He was an engineer who worked on submarines in Devonport Dockyard, Plymouth during  WW1. He was awarded his OBE for saving the crew of a test submarine that got lodged in a sandbank underwater.  If you take the project on we can furnish you with his history and copies of photos/ephemera relating to him and the story of how he saved the submarine and crew.

When he died the harmonium came to his daughter in Castle Cary, Somerset .When she died in 1967 it was donated to the Chapel of rest in the cemetary in Castle Cary where it was played during services for over 40 years. It was then returned to John Andrewartha's Granddaughter who now moving to a small flat and sadly no longer has room for it.

If you need any more details please get in touch. I can email any more detailed photos if required
It would need to be collected unless you are nearby in Somerset in which case something could be arranged
It has to go by 1 March and we will consider all offers


For Sale  Bell Reed Organ

Harmonium with heavy ornate dark wood cabinet.Pedal operated.Made by the Bell company[late 19 th century -early 20th century]
The Harmonium is 42 inches wide by 42inches high.  The fabric strap from one pedal has broken,so this pedal does not operate.
All notes play when using the other pedal, apart from the top note.They all worked when I last used it [with both pedals working]
so they should all work when the strap is repaired.

Location,East London.  Buyer to collect and load on to vehicle.
Photos available.
Email Peter Edwards

Wanted  Two Manual Reed Organ

Foot pumped.Reed organ / harmonium with two manuals but without pedalboard.

For example:     or  

Can collect from "wherever in the UK within reason"

Please Contact Stephan





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